The internet is a boundless maze of content: tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blogs, dangling cat memes. Because there is just too much information and not enough time to ingest it all, it is important to really focus on the that which is meaningful. That, in essence, is the goal behind building a RIVERS OF INFORMATION®. A Rivers of Information is the process of building a feed of valuable content that you can easily use to make yourself more enlightened and efficient.

In a recent series, we’ve been working to give you some content the Future Point of View staff uses to improve it’s own rivers. We have offered podcasts we love to listen to and newsletters we enjoy popping up in our inbox. In this post, we’d like to give readers some online periodicals we use to augment our personal rivers.

Scott Klososky

Cyberdefense Magazine – I read this PDF each month because it has a number of articles that talk about specific attacks or defenses in the cyber space.

Annette White-Klososky

Harvard Business Review – This is directly related to culture, leadership, and performance. I so love seeing what new research is being covered in these arenas.

Andrew Ranson

CSO Online – This offers a broad range of cyber security related content.

In addition to periodicals, I have several rich streams I follow that were created using TalkWalkerAlerts and Google Alerts. This is less focused on the source than relevance of content based on alert parameters. Some examples include:

  • “Process” “Change Management”
  • “IoT” “Insurance”
  • “AI” “Insurance”
  • “WalMart” “Jet”
  • “Amazon” “Blockchain”

What I like about this approach is the specificity. I see stuff I wouldn’t normally come across in a normal news feed.

Matt Stafford

I read Business Insider just about every day. It’s a great mix of technology, business, political, and economic news. They do a good job of curating content from several online sources as well as generating their own unique content.

Jon Knisley

Econsultancy – By arming a global community of marketers and ecommerce professionals with a wide range of research, data, analysis, training, consulting, events and online resources, Econsultancy enables organizations and individuals to succeed online. – Sponsored by Adobe, delivers marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration for and by marketing leaders—all aimed at helping CMOs, senior marketers, and their teams become better marketers and deliver standout experiences in a digital world.

Austin Klososky

WIRED! I pretty much check at least twice a day to see what is happening in the tech world. I also still LOVE receiving its monthly paper magazine – PRINT LIVES!

Corey White

I agree with Austin. WIRED is definitely a go to source for all things regarding technology and media. It is on the leading edge of online content. I’m a foreign policy/history buff, so LawfareForeign Policy, and The Economist are always interesting sources of information to me. The Atlantic digs into the big stories in an unbiased way and the New York Times just keeps pumping out great journalism, two things we definitely need right now.


We’ll wrap up our Rivers of Information series with a look at some of the books we’ve recently enjoyed. So look out for that. We’d also love to hear from you. Let us know the digital content you just can’t live without #RiversofInformation.