Future Point of View is now TriCorps Technologies

It’s an exciting day!  Well, it’s always an exciting day when you do what we do. But over the last few weeks our firm has been taking the next steps towards making merger magic happen, and it’s only going to get better.

In Spring of this year, the technology strategy firm you knew as Future Point of View merged with TriCorps Cybersecurity to form TriCorps Technologies. On their quest to fill a void in the marketplace, cofounders Scott Klososky and David Ross recognized that any successful technology strategy must have security considerations. We were addressing it together as partners, but not integrated. So, in this season when Cybersecurity can no longer be ignored, we have merged. Cybersecurity is now among the most popular services our firm can offer, and can be integrated into our projects in a more powerful way than ever before.TriCorps Technologies Logo

First things first: Our name has changed from Future Point of View, but we’ll continue to serve you as we always have. Our name is different, our service offering is larger, but our client experience will remain very much the same. Our core values are still intact, and we will still be always looking toward the future to help clients anticipate trends that will impact their industries and organizations.

Why, then, are we putting the two companies together?

The answer is simple: we think we can do a better job this way. Our two organizations and their leadership are inspired by a similar vision. “It is no longer okay to have your technology landscape, your physical security and your cybersecurity siloed,” says Klososky. “They need to be working in tandem to completely protect organizations. Klososky and Ross agree on this concept and have set out to offer the most comprehensive and holistic integrated security and digital strategy firm in the marketplace today.

This merger allows us to provide our clients with the comprehensive ability to raise revenues, lean out operations, and protect your organization both in the real world and in the digital world. This gives us the ability to provide you with more; we have more tools in our toolbelt today than we did a year ago.”

Our innovative concepts are not limited to cybersecurity.  “What is happing in automation and machine intelligence right now is groundbreaking,” says Klososky. We want to educate organizations on how they can use machine intelligence to grow stronger, to understand what is possible when you combine automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning.” At TriCorps Technologies, we want to help you realize your potential, to improve the way you serve customers, automate processes, and really keep your data and assets safe.”

Please click here for a full press release regarding the merger.