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Andrew Ranson

Andrew Ranson is an Executive Vice President at TriCorps Technologies as well as a consultant and speaker who specializes in a variety of areas including HUMALOGY® based lean, business process mapping, digital marketing, and leadership. Throughout his career, Andrew has been poised at the nexus between organizational strategy and implementation. He currently works closely with c-suite executives and their teams to become better at utilizing technology to achieve their future objectives. Andrew is unique in the technology space because of his deep understanding of interpersonal communication and the behavioral elements of technology-infused leadership. He helps clients discern the right balance between “man and machine” thereby enabling them to truly optimize their technology investments. He believes that technology should enhance – not hinder – the ability to communicate richly and deeply with customers and other stakeholders. Andrew is passionate about helping uncover each organization’s particular alchemy in this regard.


Andrew has been engaged in international, strategy, and marketing businesses for nearly 20 years. He served as Senior Strategist with GiANT Partners and then as President of GiANT Capital Fund I, a private international investment subsidiary of GiANT Capital. From conducting organizational strategy development sessions and coaching executives through strategy implementation to strategic and integrated digital/print marketing advisory for organizations for clients as diverse as global Fortune 500’s to boutique and small privately held firms, Andrew listens and delivers.

During his tenure at Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”) in Hong Kong in the ‘90s, he served major multi-national clients in the cement, medical equipment, and petroleum industries. In New York, Andrew helped in the early stages of the development of BCG’s global knowledge management database which really triggered his interest in technology-enabled business.


He is a magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College, where he studied Chinese language and culture and received a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies in 1991, and a summa cum laude graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, where he received his MBA in international business in 2008. In addition to strategy and business technology advisory work, Andrew is also an accomplished professional speaker and operatic tenor. At the mic, Andrew has conducted workshops for the Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRiP), and keynotes for GiANT’s CEO Growth Network and the Oklahoma Ethics Consortium. Andrew speaks to audiences across a range of industry sectors and consistently sends them home with at least three practical strategies that can be applied immediately.

On the opera stage, he has performed leading roles with Bronx Opera, New York Chamber Opera, Troupers Light Opera, and Light Opera Oklahoma (LOOK), and extended contracts with San Diego Opera, Opera Colorado, the Pine Mountain Music Festival, and the Waverly Consort. He was also a recent soloist with the Canterbury Choral Society of Oklahoma City, Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Kentucky, and Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra in Las Colinas, Texas.