About Corey White

With a unique background in both content creation and business technology, Corey is focused on helping TriCorps' clients maximize technology within their organizations. He has a passion and proven record in digital storytelling. “I love telling stories,” says Corey. “When you can connect with an individual or a business on an emotional level, you create something really special.”

The Case for a Technology Speed Limit

Articles, op-ed’s, and indictments, it’s been a rough few months for technology, specifically social media. There has been enormous push back about its deepening presence in our human fabric. Is it a sign that we need to slow down? Guest - Keith Commander, Future Point of View VP of [...]

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Are Technology Companies Failing Us?

Tech giants are criticized for placing profits over user welfare. What is their responsibility to users and how should they be held accountable? Guest - Scott Klososky, Founding Partner of Future Point of View and Author of “Did God Create the Internet?: The Impact of Technology on Humanity.” [...]

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Building Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION® with Online Periodicals

The internet is a boundless maze of content: tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blogs, dangling cat memes. Because there is just too much information and not enough time to ingest it all, it is important to really focus on the that which is meaningful. That, in essence, is the goal [...]

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You Had One Job: The Equifax Nightmare Shows The Need to Protect Our Own Personal Information, but We Need Help

Imagine you receive a heart stopping phone call. A bank you’ve never heard of in a town you’ve never been to is calling you to find out if you’re trying to open a credit card with them. Of course, you’re not trying to open a credit card with a [...]

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When the Stars Come to Us: The Promise & Peril of Virtual Reality

"We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. For space science, like nuclear science and all technology, has no conscience of its own. [...]

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Are You Data-Driven? Six Steps To Data Transformation

Are You Data-Driven? Six Steps To Data Transformation Data: people will sell it like it’s a magic elixir, won’t they? It’s as if data is the ideal cure all for what ails’ ya. It’s been called the new oil, as if you can plop it on some [...]

Hacked in 2016: Cybersecurity Review

D’Oh! 2016 Was Another Extraordinary Year for Cybersecurity. What Does It Mean for the Future? 2016 has been a curious year in the world as well as in cybersecurity. Historic breaches, hair-raising ransomware, IoT attacks, and even some election intrigue, this was a year to remember in [...]

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The Technologist’s Gift Guide – Holiday 2016

The Technologist's Gift Giving Guide The Technologies Under the Tree at Future Point of View ‘Twas a fortnight before Christmas and all through the Future Point of View offices, a conversation was brewing about the perfect holiday gift, namely the technology our technologists might want to find [...]

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Digital Deception: The Clickbait Problem

Digital Deception: The Severe Problem Permeating Through Social Networking by Corey White I have a friend, who happens to be a friend in real life and on Facebook. She’s smart, accomplished, and has a high-profile job. She’s someone who I would in no way be surprised to find [...]

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Five Ways Dollar Shave Club Built a Billion Dollar Business

  A billion dollars. It certainly has a nice ring to it. I’m sure it did to Dollar Shave Club co-founder and CEO Michael Dubin when he heard the number. A few weeks ago, health products juggernaut Unilever swooped in a scooped up Dollar Shave Club for a cool $1 [...]

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