About Keith Commander

As a Senior Consultant at TriCorps Technologies, Keith oversees many client projects including website design/rebuilds, software development, vendor negotiations, blueprinting, project assessment and rescues and project and portfolio management. Keith Commander has 33 years experience in IT Systems Architecture, Development, Analysis and IT Project Management for diverse businesses at companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 20s across a wide variety of platforms and software languages. He has managed multiple projects in excess of $50 million.

Is a Tech Backlash Coming…or Is It Already Here?

The bigger they are the harder they fall. The higher you go the further you fall. THESE ARE NEARLY inescapable realities within the human experience. Whether it be gravity, relationships, political or cultural standing: things that rise high and fast inevitably come back down, sometimes just a little bit, [...]

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Systems of Record Isn’t Always Exciting but is Always Essential

Let’s be honest, systems of record (SoR) is not the most exciting of topics, especially when compared to its flashier cousin systems of engagement. Yet SoR is nonetheless critical to developing digital maturity. It is foundational to every business, no matter how "cool" other, non-SoR components, may be. The [...]

Refining Translation: 4 Areas to Mature the Interface Between Tech and Biz

Refining Translation: 4 Areas to Mature the Interface Between Tech and Biz Companies are not unlike computer systems in that they are a collection of components forced to work together to be efficient, competitive, and profitable. When these components are not working together or communicating properly, bad [...]

3 Ways to Develop Standards Around Your Technology Domain

3 Ways to Develop Standards Around Your Technology Domain How Leaders Can Delegate Authority While Ensuring Technology Decisions Adhere to Their Vision Leadership cannot exist without authority. The two go hand in hand. Leaders set the goals and vision and establish an environment that make it possible [...]

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Technology Change is Revolutionary, not Evolutionary

Technology Change is Revolutionary, not Evolutionary Navigating the Risks and Reaping the Rewards of Revolutionary Technology Change A lot of words have been devoted to a concept called the digital transformation, and there is a reason why. All organizations are currently navigating through digital transformation. If you [...]

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Five Ways to Protect Your Organization in Vendor Negotiations

Important Steps You Can Take to Avoid Destructive Vendor Relationships We recently had a client who was suffering through a colossal dispute with an important vendor. This wasn’t a minor issue. This was a problem with $300,000 on the table. Because of a blown project, the client and the [...]

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