About Sara Tsoodle

Sara joined TriCorps with 15 years of customer relationship management and marketing experience within a variety of industries, as well as several years of technical experience with CRM implementation, administration, and performance measurement for both client service and marketing divisions. As VP of Client Experience, Sara is passionate about client relationships, and laser focused on the success and prosperity of TriCorps clients.

Is it Magic? No, It’s Technology Leverage

It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done. -- Terry Pratchett The first job I landed out of college (nearly twenty years ago) was as a market analyst for the engineering division of a large manufacturer. I was hired by a man called Joe, who was the [...]

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Technology Saves a Vacation

How HUMALOGY® Added a Silver Lining to a Gloomy Vacation Having just experienced one of the more disappointing vacations in my adult life, I must ponder how technology rescued my week in certain respects. My initial intention for a recent trip was to disconnect myself and my children from the [...]

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