A High Beam Glimpse: Finding the Wonder of the Future in the Innovations of 2017

IT’S THE TIME OF YEAR when many people make their lists and check them twice, a whole lot more than just a big red Reindeer rider from the North Pole. For technology pundits, this can involve industry predictions for the coming year. We're Future Point of View, so that’s kind [...]

Is a Tech Backlash Coming…or Is It Already Here?

The bigger they are the harder they fall. The higher you go the further you fall. THESE ARE NEARLY inescapable realities within the human experience. Whether it be gravity, relationships, political or cultural standing: things that rise high and fast inevitably come back down, sometimes just a little bit, [...]

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Books to Bolster Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION®

RECENTLY WE'VE BEEN WORKING to give readers some ways they can develop a more effective RIVERS OF INFORMATION® A Rivers of Information, briefly, is a way to take a waterfall of content, distill it, and turn it into a fine beverage to enjoy. It's about managing the information thrown at [...]

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Building Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION® with Online Periodicals

The internet is a boundless maze of content: tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blogs, dangling cat memes. Because there is just too much information and not enough time to ingest it all, it is important to really focus on the that which is meaningful. That, in essence, is the goal [...]

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Newsletters to Improve Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION®

We all go through it, at least most of us.  We get into the office in the morning, only to see our inbox cluttered with email. In many cases, our cluttered up inboxes contain newsletters that we immediately delete. Maybe we subscribed to some newsletter to obtain a free offer, view [...]

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Podcasts To Help Strengthen Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION®

We all have more information at our fingertips, and no more time to consume it. It feels like we are inundated with content: email, blogs, tweets, soundless Facebook videos. It’s like a waterfall pouring over us all. A lot of it is valuable; a lot of it isn’t. That’s [...]

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The Holy Grail of Modern Marketing: Using a Customer Data Platform to Enhance the Customer Experience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could … Send a customer, who has not purchased from you in 10 days, and is close to one of your restaurants, a push notification and invite them to stop in? Suppress any digital advertising displayed to your existing customers in order to [...]

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You Had One Job: The Equifax Nightmare Shows The Need to Protect Our Own Personal Information, but We Need Help

Imagine you receive a heart stopping phone call. A bank you’ve never heard of in a town you’ve never been to is calling you to find out if you’re trying to open a credit card with them. Of course, you’re not trying to open a credit card with a [...]

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When the Stars Come to Us: The Promise & Peril of Virtual Reality

"We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. For space science, like nuclear science and all technology, has no conscience of its own. [...]

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Systems of Record Isn’t Always Exciting but is Always Essential

Let’s be honest, systems of record (SoR) is not the most exciting of topics, especially when compared to its flashier cousin systems of engagement. Yet SoR is nonetheless critical to developing digital maturity. It is foundational to every business, no matter how "cool" other, non-SoR components, may be. The [...]