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Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being more than consultants, engineers, and educators. We’re partners. We are wholly invested in our clients’ future and security. We love nothing more than seeing hard work come to fruition. It is our mission to provide world-class service and advice to each organization that we work with. Our team features a unique blend of people with diverse backgrounds and skills that have come together for the purpose of improving and securing the organizations we work with. For us, technology is not just about improving the bottom line. It’s a tool that we hope leaders will use to be a blessing on this world and to leave a positive legacy behind.

In the spring of 2018, the technology strategy firm you knew as Future Point of View merged with TriCorps Cybersecurity to form TriCorps Technologies. A security firm and a technology strategy company may not seem like a natural pairing at first glance, but the leadership of these organizations agree that it’s an important fit. This is because today the headlines that are keeping leaders in every industry up at night are the same ones that our team is focused on helping solve: cybersecurity. In cybersecurity, the cofounders of this venture David Ross and Scott Klososky discovered an opportunity to collaborate around shared passions: the need to build and the desire to create organizations committed to doing good in the world and helping vulnerable people.

TriCorps is focused on both helping organizations develop winning technology strategies while keeping their assets safe in both the physical world and in cyberspace.

“We’ve got to grow assets, and we do that through outreach or marketing to raise revenue and through leaning processes to lower costs,” says Klososky. “We’ve also got to protect these assets now. Keep in mind, we aren’t just talking about data or intellectual property. You’ve got to consider employees too. People are assets we need to protect. If we are automating a team member’s job, we’ve got to retrain them to do something else. Yet we also have to protect them from clicking on a malicious link; we’ve got to equip them to deal with an active shooter situation. We need to grow our clients’ assets while also protecting these assets both physically and digitally.”

Today, rebranded as TriCorps Technologies, our team provides the same innovative future thinking and technology strategy consulting, and we now boast the ability to address your cybersecurity needs, and even your physical security needs.

We believe that world-class organizations of the future will have an integrated technology strategy model that focuses on both using technology to make them stronger but also safer, whether that be from a competitor, market disruption, or a malicious actor set on stealing data or intellectual property.

Scott Klososky
Scott KlososkyFounding Partner
Annette White-Klososky
Annette White-KlososkyFounding Partner
Terry Morrison
Terry MorrisonExecutive Vice President - Technology Strategy
Don Kark
Don KarkExecutive Vice President - Cybersecurity
Phillip Seawright
Phillip SeawrightVice President
Allyn Baskerville, PhD, CISSP CEH, CCIE Emeritus #6862
Allyn Baskerville, PhD, CISSP CEH, CCIE Emeritus #6862Chief Security Engineer
Matt Stafford
Matt StaffordConsultant
Chad Noland
Chad NolandConsultant
Sara Tsoodle
Sara TsoodleVP of Client Experience
Scott Brady
Scott BradyVP of Business Development
Allison Stafford
Allison StaffordClient Operations Director
Corey White
Corey WhiteContent Specialist
Weston Green
Weston GreenMedia Specialist
Training or Workshops for your Team
Training or Workshops for your Team