The Digital Revenue Engine

This “engine” is a compilation of software components that when combined and utilized properly can drive on-demand revenue for an organization

Building a Digital Revenue Engine (DRE)

The Components

Building a digital revenue engine happen in a series of steps, and you may already have a number of these components already in place. The key is tying them together enabling the data to freely flow between them.

  1. A CRM system coupled with your accounting system
  2. This base system is hooked to the internet
  3. All members of your organization access this data at a centralized point
  4. A content manager
  5. A customer portal
  6. A social listening system
  7. An automated marketing system
  8. Campaigns are added into the system
  9. We tie analytics to all of it
  10. Digital marketing techniques are applied. First is outbound
  11. Inbound optimization is performed to make sure people can find you
  12. This entire system is run on data

How We Help

Our consultants will come into your organization and assess your current digital tools. They will determine what, if any, of the DRE components you currently have. Together we will determine if what you currently have in place will suit your current and future needs, identify gaps in your engine, and give you our best practice recommendations for how best to close those gaps. At TriCorps Technologies we consider ourselves tool agnostic when it comes to recommending technology solutions; instead, we help you determine the right solution(s) to fit your needs, and work with you to help put those solutions in place.

Specific ways we have helped past clients include…

  • Building current and future DRE deployment strategy
  • Helping build governance processes surrounding the components
  • Vetting out and helping you decide potential software tools and vendors that are most appropriate
  • Assisting with technology vendor contract negotiation
  • Helping integrate or implement the various software components