eLearning Catalog

eLearning allows a large team or even an entire organization to get up to speed on a topic at any pace and with the ease of an online tool. These courses are taught by an FPOV consultant and feature similar content to what is available in our public courses. They allow viewers to take the course over several days and team members can take from anywhere they would like.

Relationship Journey Mapping

As part of our Digital Marketing Series, the Relationship Journey Mapping course reveals a profound view of what’s going on inside the mind of each of your customers, members, vendors, patients, employees, or whomever you wish to influence as they engage with you. Beyond what they’re thinking, feeling, questions they have, and their needs, it also examines their acceptance of technology to research solutions and manage their relationship with you. You’ll gain valuable insight into the types of content that will lead them to take action and the data they will exchange for it. Participants will leave with the confidence and clarity to map relationship journeys, the tools with which to do so, and the ability to apply them to advance their digital marketing efforts.

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Cybersecurity Course

It is frustrating to see that organizations make cybersecurity a priority only after they’ve been breached. After you’ve been breached, it’s too late to get back the data you’ve lost, the personal information that’s now very much public, and the consumer confidence that has been eroded. The number one threat to the US, according to the FBI, is cybercrime. Many large companies have done a better job of protecting themselves of late, but there are still many that are vulnerable. We are observing that mid-size to small companies haven’t made this a priority yet. Don’t let that be your organization! This course will teach your employees techniques to help mitigate risk from threats and hackers. From phishing schemes to social engineering, your employees will learn the how to protect themselves from the latest threats.

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