Developing Integrated Security
Adapting Digital Strategy to Protect and Prosper

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 Course Overview

The Integrated Security Model involves five elements of security: physical security, surveillance, cybersecurity, governance, and the human firewall. In the past, many of these facets of security have worked in silos within an organization. This is no longer feasible to keep organizations safe from constantly evolving threats. Each of these five elements must be working in cohesion to ensure your organization is as secure as it needs to be. This course will include an in-depth explanation of the Integrated Security Model. Executives and stakeholders will understand how they can assess their security risks while building integrated security into their own organizations.

Designed For

  • C-Suite Executives and organizational Leaders
  • Executives with interest in developing robust organizational security.

Course Leaders

Don Kark
TriCorps Executive Vice President – Cybersecurity 

 Course Length

One 5-hour Session
Noon to 5pm 


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