Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford is a communicator and problem solver capable of utilizing an ever-changing toolbox. Originally a television broadcaster, Matt has evolved from airwaves to electronic signals and a more digital mix of interaction. Now his focuses include crafting well-balanced relationships using the right combination of human touch and digital tools, developing organizational strategies and helping adjust cultural nuances that allow technology to flourish.


Matt built an early following in the Rocky Mountains covering news across Colorado and leading Wyoming’s primary ABC affiliate as its News Director. Through his reporting, Matt has developed specializations in military and veteran issues, politics and technology. His reporting résumé includes covering the President of the United States on two occasions, interviewing a future Speaker of the House, an Army Chief of Staff, a former Secretary of Defense, dozens of congressional leaders and three governors. Matt cherishes the opportunity he received to fly with WWII veterans in restored planes from that era and interview Medal of Honor recipients. He has interviewed celebrities like Jay Leno and Gary Sinise, been taken behind the blast doors at NORAD, covered murder trials and reported live during natural disasters like wildfires, tornadoes, snow storms, and floods. He’s done all of this with an eye for different types of content that can be created and ways of using it to build audiences. As a journalist, Matt anchored and reported on live broadcasts daily, including emergency situations like the Waldo Canyon Fire as it destroyed homes in the foothills of Colorado Springs in 2012.


Matt leans heavily on his experience as a broadcaster to build digital strategies for clients at TriCorps Technologies. His perspective on audience development, content creation and digital relationships helps organizations mature their outreach efforts in the digital age.

You can follow Matt on Twitter (@_MattStafford) where he shares and curates information on news, politics, running, and life in general. Also, you can connect with Matt through LinkedIn.