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We help organizations of all shapes and sizes with their digital strategy and cybersecurity needs. Here are a few specific ways we’ve worked to solve challenges in your industry.

High Beam leaders recognize trends and react to them quickly to give their organizations competitive advantage. Leaders who adopt High Beam strategy anticipate what’s ahead and push their organizations at high speeds. This successfully translates to identifying trends that transform your market, building a future view of your industry, and developing a blueprint to guide your organization successfully to a place of prosperity in the future.

Cyber criminals constantly troll the internet looking for weak networks and servers. Most organizations penetrated by hackers are not specifically targeted. They are victims of opportunity. To help organizations defend themselves from these growing cyber threats, TriCorps Technologies has combined unique talents of career law-enforcement experts and technologists to provide a robust combination of skills and knowledge to keep clients safe.

Many organizations develop services and operate “the way they always have” without truly considering the expectations of their clients. Consumer expectations have evolved. We advocate thinking that is centered around the Relationship Journey. This approach looks at the world through the eyes of your customers, seeing what they see, so you can shape the experience that the customer wants, not what YOU think they need.

One of the best ways to equip your organization is through educating yourself and your team. To be of maximum service to your company, TriCorps Technologies offers online, public and private education courses. Our courses provide the opportunity for leaders to interact with TriCorps technologists and consultants while learning in a collaborative environment with executives from other organizations and industries.


Get notified when this exclusive cybersecurity webinar for Passkey Members is available for you and your team! TriCorps will guide you through the ins and outs of cybersecurity to help you insure your company’s security for 2019. This webinar is ideal for team members who are involved in management, human resources, IT, or anyone who touches the digital tools your clients engage with.



CIO – Texas Association of School Boards

“The leadership at TASB didn’t really understand technology very well. I think because of the knowledge that TriCorps Technologies (FPOV) has provided that leadership, they’re better equipped to make decisions. They’re better equipped to make investment decisions, what should we invest, what shouldn’t we invest in, I think they’ve spent a lot of money that maybe they didn’t need to and could have used that money in something else. I think a lot of it is just improving that knowledge at the leadership level which then helps drive better decisions.”



Administrator/President –Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust

“Your organization and team have so much to offer and do so in an understandable fashion. I would also add that the TriCorps Technologies (FPOV) team is ‘refreshing.’ You’re patient with our team and don’t make us feel like idiots. What you provide to TMAIT is relevant and executable.”


First and foremost we understand technology. We also have in-depth knowledge of the agricultural industry and the challenges that organizations like you are facing. Our experience spans numerous industries and we love to cross pollinate what we learn across the boundaries of industries as we work with our clients.

Evaluating Technology Gaps:

Part of understanding your technology shortfalls is determining where you currently are and where you need to be in order to retain clients and continue to provide excellent service in this digital age. Defining this gap provides a sense of how much work needs to be done in order to stay relevant.

Strategic Focus:

Technology is complex; building a strategy can be difficult. We help organizations put together a strategic road map that allows you to focus your investments and attention on what areas to attend to first, achieving the greatest impact. Our proven processes of High Beam Strategy and Guidepost Development are just a few of the ways we make this happen.

Technology Decision Making:

Deciding which technology tools to add, which ones to sunset, and where to make longer term investments can be daunting. Some organizations over-engineer systems; wasting time and money, while others under engineer them and end up either playing catch up or trying to rationalize systems that don’t work well together. Right sizing technology decisions is an art that we help organizations to master.

Technology Governance:

Hardware, Software, Data, Security… There are many factors at play in keeping your technology trajectory and processes organized. Some are operational, some financial, and others strategic. Establishing the right level of governance that engages executives and staff at the appropriate levels and takes these intersecting operational, financial, and strategic considerations into account is a great way to start improving your use of technology.

Adopting a Client Perspective:

Understanding the journey your clients or members have while interacting with you and your organization is crucial to improving service levels. Putting yourself in their shoes helps you better understand how it feels to interact with you, empowers you to make improvements and adjustments, and in some cases to get in front of issues before they arise. This work is particularly helpful to guide responses to changing demographics among your clients.

Customer Experience Tools:

It is important to be able to respond to your clients or members in a timely and appropriate fashion. From a digital standpoint, this means assembling tools that work together as one well-tuned “engine.” Building and running this engine is essential to establishing and nurturing a great relationship with your members.

Technology Blueprinting:

We are all familiar with the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true for technology as well and is what technology blueprinting is all about. Visually representing your technology and systems reveals problem areas that you literally could not see before and could have easily missed, and can also serve as a translation layer between non-technical staff or executives and technologists.

Software Selection:

Have you ever walked into a room and realized that you were in over your head? Selecting the appropriate software can evoke a sense of insecurity. Knowing the right questions to ask and having the right contracts in place are necessary in preventing issues down the road.