Private Courses

Tailored specifically for your organization, our private courses offer a way for you and your team to quickly get up to speed on a chosen topic. An FPOV consultant will come to you armed with a curriculum designed around your unique needs, and you will have the opportunity to form actionable strategies around these needs. This hands on approach is an extremely effective way for organizations to educate team members in technology. These courses are available in 1-day or 2-day sessions. Up to 25 team members in your organization will learn about technology from the comfort and convenience of your own offices, and content will be designed around your organization and industry.

Relationship Journey Mapping

How valuable would knowing the exact needs and wants of your customers be to you? When engaging with your organization, a customer goes through a journey. Along this journey, there are touch points in which you have an opportunity to communicate with this person. What information can you give to this person to maximize the engagement? This is what Relationship Journey Mapping offers. We will walk a potential customer through this entire engagement with your organization from when he/she develops a need you can fill to when he/she is talking about you to their network. This invaluable tool is a weapon you can use to better serve your customers and discover creative ways to market your organization to your ideal constituency. Many companies teach journey mapping, yet our practice focuses specifically on technology and how you use technology to reach out to your customers. This course will offer you the tools and experience so you can continue journey mapping long after the course has ended.

Data Intelligence

Data is a resource as valuable to the health of your organization as food and water is to you. Yet, data is an often under used business asset. It can be mined and then employed in an endless number of directives to improve organizations. This course is designed to educate leaders on how to effectively collect, mine, and utilize data. We will offer you tips on when to collect what data, tools you can use to store massive amounts of data, and creative ways to analyze this data and turn it into intelligence to maximize your outreach efforts.

Constituent-Based Design Method

It’s pretty intuitive to put a user first when designing something? Yet, often websites are designed without appreciating a fundamental aspect: the constituent. When building a website, it is imperative to consider your ideal constituency. This goes for the navigation to the mapping to the content to the look and feel of the page. You can’t build a good website until you are fully aware of the needs and desires of your users, what they would like to see from your website, and how they will navigate this site. We will examine your website and show you ways you can make it more constituent friendly or assist you in designing a new web property that your ideal users will love.

Adaptive Culture

Do you desire to create a culture where employees want to come to work and are capable of turning the unpredictability of today’s high velocity world into opportunities? Creating this culture begins by developing a climate where people and ideas thrive. This course will teach you how to align your team behind a common vision that is designed by the leadership. We will show you how to teach your team to embrace technology and technological change and create a positive environment where ideas flow freely and employees flourish.

Digital Marketing

Learn how you can apply cutting edge digital marketing techniques to your organization, the skills to initiate, nurture, and maintain relationships in the “connected customer” economy, as well as how to harness social, mobile, and web technologies to expand market share and increase customer outreach. This course presents tailored solutions for you in developing relationship journeys, customer experience techniques, building a digital revenue engine, and how HUMALOGY® (the blending of human and technology) can improve the way you serve your constituents.


Just read the headlines; if cybersecurity is not a priority inside your organization, you need to make it a priority. This course could be a good place to start. It is designed to teach your team how to avoid cyber attacks and stay safe online. We will highlight common vulnerabilities, processes to mitigate these vulnerabilities, as well as advice on how to secure your network and stay safe online. Your team members, like it or not, are your greatest asset or weakness in cyberspace. Education is the best way to make them an asset. Attendees will understand how to recognize and avoid common threats such as  social engineering, spearphishing, and whaling attacks used to penetrate organizations.

IT 101 For Leaders

This course will educate leaders about technology infrastructure. This way they can make informed decisions on how to diagnose problems and improve the technology infrastructure (or what we often call digital plumbing) in their organizations. We will address how you can improve the way data flows through your organization, highlight struggles and offer solutions for your IT infrastructure, tools for forecasting the future of your IT, governance techniques, and the latest in cybersecurity measures you can apply to your organization.

HUMALOGY® Based Lean

This course is designed to show leaders how they can use technology and lean to improve efficiency and increase profit. Attendees will leave understanding how finding the correct HUMALOGY® (human and technology) balance can add immense prosperity to their organizations.  It takes common lean techniques such as Six Sigma yet builds on them in a framework that uses technology to increase efficiency and lower costs.

High Beam Leadership

Prepare for a glimpse into the future. Leaders need to have vision, especially in a high-velocity world. We call this High Beam Leadership. This vision can be used to not only anticipate changes in the market but also to grab market share from competitors. This course will show you how to foresee the shifts in innovation that will impact your organization and industry, how to prepare for these shifts, and how to use them in an advantageous way. We will teach you how you can apply high beam to your business strategy to put you on the leading edge. We will also consider your team, its willingness to integrate technology into practice, and offer you tips to improve your culture.

Technology & Leadership

An organization’s ability to use technology to win in a competitive marketplace begins at the top. It starts with the leaders, although it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our course will give leaders the tools to set specific technology guideposts for their organization, create and maintain a technology team that is accountable, and a culture that is capable of harnessing technology to create growth and prosperity.

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