Our High Beam approach will enable you to see beyond the horizon, and reach your goals.

We help organizations develop and achieve technology goals that set them apart in their market. To get started, it is important for us to understand your specific needs, so let’s have a quick chat about your goals or challenges. Together we can design a service offering that best fits your situation. Below are some key areas in which we specialize.

Technology Strategy Consulting

How does your organization use technology tools to gain competitive advantage? The answer to this question is directly tied to the health and, dare we say, survival of your organization. In order to make strategic decisions, a holistic understanding of your organizations technology assets and operations is vital. In our Digital Maturity Program we assess the way you harness digital tools and develop processes throughout your organization; we make recommendations and develop plans of action to help you realize your future aspirations.


We have a range of education available throughout the year. These courses are hosted at the FPOV main office and many are also streamed digitally. Public courses offer the opportunity for leaders to interact with FPOV specialists and consultants while learning in a collaborative environment with executives from other organizations and industries.


Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing has become such a bloated buzzword. But, it is more than a website, social channels, and pay-per-click campaigns. It is how you use technology to reach out to your customers and improve their experience with your organization. We help you discover the areas where you can maximize your interactions with customers and have a personalized one-to-one connection while improving your online presence and developing a funnel so critical data can be properly utilized throughout your organization’s engagement efforts.

IT Infrastructure

It may not be flashy, like its cousin digital marketing, but IT infrastructure is the foundation of your organization. Your devices, servers, network, hardware, software and other pieces of technology must be working in tandem to move the organization forward. Yet, often we see organizations stuck with a chaotic accumulation of software and hardware that would make Frankenstein cringe. We help organizations unite their technology infrastructure so data can flow easily, and employees can do their work more effectively and efficiently.