Is a Tech Backlash Coming…or Is It Already Here?

The bigger they are the harder they fall. The higher you go the further you fall. THESE ARE NEARLY inescapable realities within the human experience. Whether it be gravity, relationships, political or cultural standing: things that rise high and fast inevitably come back down, sometimes just a little bit, [...]

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Vocabulary (and the Social Quagmire)

OK, I am only going to write about this one time, and then I am going to let it go. I start every presentation I give on social technologies with the same slide, and each time I review it, the audience nods their heads as if to say, “now I get it…” This slide is a simple vocabulary lesson to try and bring some coherence and sense to the jumble of terms people are now using in the social space. It seems that each new day brings some new variation on an activity with the word social pasted in front of it.

Social Media – The Players

With all the buzz about SocMed in the world, I thought I would take a shot at identifying the various players in this exploding drama. It is easier to comprehend a complicated subject like this if we simply look at the participants and what they love, and what they hate [...]

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