Austin Klososky

Austin Klososky joined TriCorps Technologies after an exciting seven year run with a Fortune 50 healthcare company and brings with him extensive knowledge of technology trends. As Director of Education, Austin oversees all aspects of TriCorps’ education initiatives including all private, public, and e-learning courses.


After graduation from college, Austin was quickly promoted to an area management position at a multinational healthcare company. While in this position he gained an in-depth understanding of business operations, human capitol, and workforce management. Austin was directly involved in special acquisition projects in New York City, North Carolina, and Arkansas. In addition to his current work at TriCorps, Austin also teaches a night class several days a week at a local community college.


Austin holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma where he majored in Adult Education and Training and graduated with honors. His love for technology began early in life when he watched Steve Jobs introduce the original iMac (he hasn’t missed an Apple keynote since). Still a proud owner of a PowerMacG3 and countless first-generation iDevices, he’ll be the first to remind you that you should have switched to a Mac “at least 18 years ago.” In his spare time, Austin enjoys spending time with his cat (Corbin), traveling the world, and exploring local eats with his friends. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter and Instagram (@AusKlos).