Keith Commander

As a Senior Consultant at TriCorps Technologies, Keith oversees all of our “construction” based services such as Website Designs/Rebuilds and other Software Development but also including Digital Blueprinting, Project Assessments & Rescues, Security Audits, Project and Portfolio Management as well as several other TriCorps Services.


Keith Commander has 33 years experience in IT Systems Architecture, Development, Analysis and IT Project Management for diverse businesses at companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 20s across a wide variety of platforms and software languages. He has managed multiple projects in excess of $50 million. He also owned and operated an IT consulting firm for 10 years.


Keith has a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY @ Stony Brook University. “Working at TriCorps is a unique and very satisfying experience in my career. Having worked for several technical consulting firms and having owned my own as well, TriCorps’ approach to clients and client projects is quite different and highly rewarding. The emphasis at TriCorps is all about doing the right thing for the client and building a long term and deep relationship with our clients, one built on trust and mutual respect. We often become more than simple consultants for a single problem or project for our clients and far more trusted strategic advisors and partners to them, which is a much more rewarding experience personally and professionally.”